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We partner with marketers to create a deeper connection with the Australian car-buying audience via immersive new technology and brand content.

Immersive brand experiences

Reach audiences at all stages of the purchase path with branded content from CarsGuide.

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Storytelling at the heart

Data-driven written content created by auto journalists that can be placed anywhere.

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Digital display innovation

Interactive ad units package our trusted reviews into immersive displays.

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Cutting edge technology

New tech and content solutions create immersive brand experiences.

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What we offer

Brand Content

We work with you to create bespoke brand content such as: Virtual Road Trips, CarsGuide Labs Lifestyle 3D, or 360 Ride Alongs.

Media Content

We produce video, audio, written or even 3D content. We are also specialists in creating web solutions in social and digital display.

Native Content

All our content is housed natively across our properties to capture the right audience at the right time.

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