Australians aged 55-75 buy more new cars than any other age group, but are seemingly invisible to marketers

A new study by CarsGuide reveals widespread misconceptions about a demographic that accounts for 46% of disposable income and 50% of private wealth*. Today’s Baby Boomers are the most active and cashed-up in history, with a staggering 93% driving a car (more than any other population segment)**. For marketers, they represent an enormous opportunity.
With more than 1-on-3 CarsGuide users*** identified as boomers, effectively target this hard to reach cohort with CarsGuide.

Steering power

CarsGuide surveyed over 1,000 new car buyers and intenders to understand the purchasing power and attitudes of Baby Boomers, and uncovered some incredible opportunities for media buyers not currently targeting them.

New adventures, new horizons

The study shows that the over 55s have big plans for their new cars and are looking forward to the longest, most fulfilling retirements any generation has enjoyed. And they’ll be driving more kilometres, not fewer.

Shifting up a Gear: How to reach them?

New car buyers aged 55-75 are better informed, and move quickly when they spot the right deal. And they’re far from being stuck in their ways – half intend to buy a different make to their existing car.

They don’t identify as ‘old’.

The Boomers who buy new cars are redefining retirement as their ‘post-work years’ and have big plans for the next couple of decades.

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